Gift Registry at Willow Haven Photography

This is a perfect gift to any bride and groom!

Just like any department store the couple can choose for gift certificates or products or both.
The gift registry would be set up for your needs, it is able to be set up on a online store where everything that you would like will be available for your guest s to purchase.

You can choose what you would like to put in your online store from gift certificates, engagement shoot, your wedding albums, your thank yous, or anything from the Trendy Photos Home Collection, the possibilities are endless!

The gift certificates can be used for anything that Trendy Photos offers.
There are many photo products that are available to choose from: Hard or soft cover photo albums, framed prints, sign-able frames for the reception, thank you cards, and lots more.

How it works: The bride and groom can contact me anytime to set up an appointment to get the bride and groom registry cards that can be sent out in the shower invites or with the invites.  Just contact me before hand with how many you would be needing. When somone contacts me for a gift certificate they can order it in person or over the internet. The bride and groom would be notified once someone has made a gift certificate in their name.