Victoria - The Photographer!

My name is Victoria and I have a strong passion for photography and it all began when I was given a camera at my Aunt's wedding back in 1996!

I started out taking photos around Windsor, flowers, my backyard and turning them into greeting cards and mostly just selling them to friends, people at church and at the senior centers craft sales. It than went from there. I had started making greeting cards when I was about 15 or 16 years old.

When I was 18 I photographed my first wedding. I was a bit nervous, it was my first BIG gig, I didn't want to miss anything up since this was THEIR special day! The day went well and while I was taking pictures it was like just a small portrait setting but just very large!

It's nice to follow through and grow in people's lives. I've watched one family grow from just two children to three and one on their way. I appreciate the people that allow me to grow and learn new skills every time I am able to use my camera and capture memories for their family and themselves.

I would like to thank those that are in my life that have encouraged me to do what I love, cause photography is truly what I love to do!